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Memo paper-like light and thin~YOBYBO NOTE20 ultra-thin true wireless Bluetooth headset

Memo paper-like light and thin~YOBYBO NOTE20 ultra-thin true wireless Bluetooth headset

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This year can be said to be the best-selling year for true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Whether it is the update of specifications or the launch of new products, various manufacturers can cause a lot of topics in the market, but everyone will also find that the product design is almost the same. There is no real uniqueness or special features, and many emerging brands use public models to develop products, which always feels slightly less itchy.

YOBYBO is a fairly new start-up company founded in Shenzhen in 2019. It has various product patents to manufacture Bluetooth headset related products for sale abroad. This NOTE20 is the latest model of this year's true wireless Bluetooth headset with an ultra-thin appearance. Apart from the rigid design method of the previous true wireless bluetooth headset, it also won the German iF Design Award. After receiving the product, it has been used for a period of time. Here I will share with you your own experience.

The appearance is clear and concise in a see-through box, and you can also see the color of the earphones to choose from. This time, there are four colors in total, including black, white, red, and green. You can choose to match your own clothes^^


There are earphones of other colors on the back of the box, and the specifications and characteristics of the product are described in detail. The earphone adopts Bluetooth 5.0 version, and the listening time is about four hours. The charging box can provide about four times of charging. Use TYPE C wire Charging, with this kind of power in such a thin and light design is quite good, and it is quite enough for daily use. What is more rare is that it is also equipped with the latest wireless charging, and there is a more convenient choice at the moment of charging.


Both the battery box and the earphones are treated with a matte appearance, with a slight elegant luster, which feels good when you pick it up, and the paint treatment is also very meticulous. I can't tell where it is not well done. The earphones are placed horizontally and shaken up and down. It won't fall off, and it shouldn't be shaken when it's in use. Don't worry too much about this.


There is an opening on the back, and you can use your finger to push the earphone forward smoothly.


The appearance of the headset is actually a bit like the shape of a toilet, and the left and right ears are clearly marked for identification.


The side is the touch operation place, the light will also be displayed here, you can operate the song before and after the pause and answer the phone function, the volume is controlled by the phone, because the touch area is relatively small, so it needs to be operated. Get used to the position a bit, but it does a good job in the sensitivity part.


The matching of earplugs is special. The inner side of the oval shape has a recess to fix the ear tube, so that the earplug will not fall or run away easily if it is stuck.


The earphones are flatter, so you can put them horizontally in your ears and adjust them slightly. At first I saw the appearance and wanted to say that it would be difficult to wear. After putting them on, I found that in addition to being light, earplugs It won’t be too deep to cause discomfort, nor will it feel overly stuffy, which is really a plus.

In terms of sound performance, you can feel an obvious impact when listening to a heavier rhythm of music. People who like bass should like this feeling very much, but I think it’s a bit loud, and the vocal warmth is not bad. It will be overwhelmed by the low frequency, and the pressure will not be too heavy, but the clarity is slightly inferior, the extension and energy of the high frequency will be much less, and the range of the sound field will be smaller. This kind of tuning direction It is suitable for the trend of popular music genre. It is enough to go out and commute to use. After all, going out is to be convenient and simple. If you want to require fine sound quality, it is not recommended.

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