YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing: The world's lightest, thinnest, compact and fashionable Bluetooth headset is born

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing: The world's lightest, thinnest, compact and fashionable Bluetooth headset is born

Since Apple launched the AirPods true wireless Bluetooth headsets, which are sold globally, more and more TWS (True Wireless Stereo) true wireless stereo Bluetooth headsets have come out on the market. Now wireless headsets are also beginning to be wireless, lightweight, and designed. If you don’t Consider AirPods, perhaps this YOBYBO CARD20 wireless headset that has caused a lot of discussion topics , the appearance alone will definitely fascinate you.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing: The world's lightest, thinnest, compact and fashionable Bluetooth headset is born


Many netizens asked in private, which Bluetooth headsets other than AirPods can choose? The premise is that the price is not so expensive, and you can also have a strong eye. If you don’t consider the brand of Bluetooth headsets that imitate the appearance of AirPods, then under the premise of requiring process design and price, you may be able to take a look at a sudden on the Internet. It has become popular. The wireless earphones that have reached more than 7 million yuan in shortly after the fundraising in Taiwan have been officially claimed to subvert the world's thinnest and lightest wireless Bluetooth earphone CARD20. What are the charms of this earphone?

If MacBook is an industrial product in the computer industry, then CARD20 can definitely be called a work of art in the Bluetooth headset industry. It has an extremely thin and light design, and looks similar to MacBook in shape and texture. It is also known as the thinnest and lightest in the world. Bluetooth earphone.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 1

The biggest highlight of CARD20 is the product that won the 2020 German iF/Red Dot Double Material Design Award, which is also personally operated by the award-winning founder and chief designer of the YOBYBO brand.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 2


The most noticeable design is that the earphone casing is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which is polished and polished tens of thousands of times. The top also adopts a skylight perspective design. You can look directly at the earphones and check the current earphone power without opening the charging compartment cover. Bing'er held it in his hand and said that this is too beautiful. It can be seen that the appearance can definitely arouse the love of fashion, cultural and youth users.

After opening the top cover of the charging compartment, the shape and volume of the headset will not be as obtrusive as AirPods (white toothbrush head), and the design is very eye-catching. The headset weighs only 3.2g, which is 1/3 lighter than a one-yuan coin.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 3

The charging part uses the Type-C connector. As long as the TypeC to TypeA wire can be used for charging, the TypeC to TypeC wire, according to official data, is mainly due to over-voltage protection to prevent the wattage from being too high. The charging voltage is recommended to use DC 5V / 1A, so it cannot be used.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 4

If you want to charge the CARD20 and use the mobile power supply when you go out, you can charge it directly from the computer USB port in the room. It takes about 1.5 hours to fully charge the charging compartment and 1 hour for the headset. Although it does not support TypeC to TypeC fast charging, it does not need too much. Long time.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 5

As for Bluetooth pairing, it is similar to the AirPods method. It uses "Hall switch sensing technology". After the first pairing is successful, it will automatically connect to Bluetooth as long as you open the charging hatch in the future. It will be very easy to pair a mobile phone or a computer.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 6

In addition, Mr. Crazy also found that after the first pairing, you need to open the cover to connect automatically when you want to connect. The connection speed will be faster than AirPods, mainly using Qualcomm QCC3020 chip and supporting Bluetooth 5.0. Up to 10m without shielding connection. There is also a magnetic feature similar to AirPods. When the lid is closed, there will be a clear sound of "click", even if it is placed upside down, it will not open automatically.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 7

The appearance of CARD20 earphones is very small and flat. It is hard to find if you don’t pay attention to it. It is not like some brands will be stuck on the ears, and the vision is very fashionable.

As for the CARD20 earplugs are designed with a "shallow ear" design, they are optimized for 6000 ear types, so no matter which ear type is suitable, because they are light and non-ear type, they will not feel pain even if they are worn for a long time. .

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 8

Music performance is different because everyone has a different sense of sound quality, so I won’t comment on it here, but it’s worth mentioning that there are more audio decoding support than AirPods, which can support aptX lossless high sound quality, AAC, SBC sound decoding, and naturally sound effects. The performance is pretty good.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 9

As for the audio and video will not be out of sync? In the iPhone test, watching videos through YouTube, Netflix, and Apple TV+ will not have the problem of unsynchronized video and audio delay, but there will be a slight delay in Facebook, YouTube Music videos or games. Mr. Jing Feng asked the original manufacturer because some APPs did not support the QCC3020 chip and the Bluetooth protocol was fully open. And if it is used to listen to Apple Music, KKBOX, Spotify music, basically there is no need to worry about the delay problem, after all, only AirPods can solve the delay problem in the iOS system itself.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 10

Although the earphones are small and compact, their battery life performance is also very good. Each earphone can be used for 4 hours, and the charging bay can provide 16 hours of battery life, which can basically meet 8 hours of use in two days.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unboxing 11

The side of the headset also supports vibration sensing function, which can greatly reduce the false touch rate compared with fingerprint touch. Through binaural and single ear mode, directly tap the surface of the headset to further realize answering/hanging up calls, rejecting calls, and playing/ Pause, switch the upper and lower music and start the voice assistant.


However, CARD20 does not have a fool-proof design, which will cause the earphones to be misplaced left and right when used for the first time. Share a few tips, that is, the protruding point of the earphone is facing down, or pay attention to the L/R signs on the charging compartment and the earphone. Basically It will not be misplaced.

YOBYBO CARD20 Unpacking 12

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YOBYBO CARD20 vs. AirPods appearance

Everyone will definitely be curious about the difference between the size of CARD20 and AirPods? Let's take a look at the difference in appearance and size between CARD20 and AirPods.

CARD20 vs. AirPods (second generation) size and appearance

CARD20 vs. AirPods (second generation) size and appearance 1

CARD20 vs. AirPods (second generation) size and appearance 2

From the comparison of the above picture, CARD20 is significantly smaller than AirPods in volume, and both the front and side design will be shorter and flatter.


CARD20 vs. AirPods Pro size and appearance

CARD20 vs. AirPods Pro size and appearance

CARD20 vs. AirPods Pro size and appearance 1

CARD20 vs. AirPods Pro size and appearance 2

If compared with AirPods Pro, the height difference is not big, but the thickness and width are much thinner than CARD20.

In addition, CARD20 also launches a YOBYBO brand exclusive leather storage case to choose from. This leather case is very textured and can be used to store CARD20 and transmission lines. It is even easy to go out with ticket cards and change.

YOBYBO brand exclusive leather storage case

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YOBYBO CARD20 sound quality performance

If you really want to talk about sound performance, use AirPods to compare (the following is the personal feelings of Mr. Crazy and Bing'er, please consider for reference), CARD20 is listening to metal, punk music, and even Live concert version music The performance is very good and the sound quality is clear. However, in the high-pitched part, the difference in the high-pitched voice of the human voice is not big. In the audio with a high sense of space in the music background, CARD20 will be integrated as a whole, directly retaining the original sound quality appearance, while AirPods will filter the low frequency And enhance the human voice, become more pure.

YOBYBO CARD20 sound quality performance

Listening to music with two Bluetooth earphones feels like CARD20. It is in a concert hall. You can hear all kinds of instruments and vocals. As for AirPods, it is like entering a recording room to listen to singers singing. As for you like the original sound The sound to be filtered depends on personal preference.


Call performance

In the earphone call part, because the QCC3020 chip is used, the noise reduction technology principle of Qualcomm cVc 8.0 will reduce part of the radio while eliminating noise, so when the earphone hears the other party’s radio, it may be slightly quieter due to different environments Some, but when calling through LINE, Bing'er is still wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle. The radio can still be received normally, and the cVc8.0 high-definition noise reduction is perfectly utilized, and the noise on the road will not even be recorded.

Call performance

YOBYBO CARD20 experience evaluation

In terms of appearance, CARD20 is a high-quality Bluetooth headset currently on the market. It is small and easy to store. It has Qualcomm QCC3020 chip, Bluetooth 5.0, IPX4 waterproof rating, aptX / AAC / SBC audio decoding, 20 hours of battery life, and also It can be regarded as a headset that is very suitable for users who like to listen to music and call. If you don't get Bluetooth headsets with AirPods Pro or other higher-end models, CARD20 will be a good choice with both texture and CP value.

YOBYBO CARD20 experience evaluation

As for the color, you can choose from space black, technology silver, rose gold, champagne gold, and night green.

By the way, I also want to remind that YOBYBO CARD20 is also currently on the flyingv fundraising platform. It can be purchased at a discounted price of 67% to 69%. It is expected to start shipping in June 2020. If you want to buy a German iF/ Red Dot Double Material Design Award product, then you can start with the saving of more than 1,000 yuan now.

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